Salmon fireplaceSince July 2016, group tours are organized in the waters around Alem (Gld). These boat trips are run from and in collaboration with Marina and Eetcafé De Maas. It uses a specially converted “Zalmschouw”, a fishing boat that was built often in this neighborhood in the past and used on the river Maas. The boat can carry up to 12 passengers. The skipper, Tom Bouwman, already has a long experience in cruise companies, especially in the Biesbosch.

Just like in the Biesbosch, in the waters around Alem one can find a large diversity of animal species. Many types of water and shore birds, storks, birds of prey and land animals during the cruise. The last two years also Beavers have appeared in the Alem lake and even sometimes in the port. From the beginning of 2017, we also offer our sailing water villa “Arcadia” for rent. The ship can be booked for one or more nights through and